Thursday, April 06, 2006

Three Days to Go

Tuesday; 3 miles, easy pace
Wednesday; 4 miles, "whoa, Nellie" pace

As many have noted before me, this last week before the marathon is a fully nutso period of time. It has been a good thing that I've been swamped at work, as it has taken up a lot of mental space that would otherwise be spent obsessing. A good week, for sure, but certainly busy.

I got a couple of runs in and will do a simple 2 miler tomorrow (Friday) for my last prerace outing. Wow, the odd little twinges!! What's that in my knee? Did my shoulder feel like that last week? Haven't felt the ball of my left foot for a while...and my back...well, you get the picture. All pretty normal and still unnerving.

On Wednesday's four miler, it was all I could do to keep from a near sprint. It felt good to run, I felt full of energy, almost ready to burst. When I didn't concentrate on my pace, it picked up terrifically. The impact of the taper.

Of more factual concern is the weather forecast for St. Louis on Sunday morning. Being a card-carrying Purdue engineer, I naturally made a chart for this. Last Saturday, I began looking at the 10 day prediction for the overnight low on April 8. While the weather gurus thought it would be 48 when they looked out on April 1, today's prediction is that it will be a mere 33 degrees for a low. Since the race starts just 30 minutes after sunrise, the start will be very near the overnight low. Wow. So, what do I wear? Especially since the predicted high will be 62?

I'm going with layers. And the top layers will be an old sweatshirt I can take off and throw to my adoring fans along the way and an old polyester shirt with which I can do the same. Found a disreputable looking Iowa Hawkeyes stocking cap to wear at the'll be jetisoned as well.

At least the prediction is for sun. I'm glad I don't have to anticipate rain.

Wow, is this boring reading or what???? I'm trying to spare my all the thinking ends up here on the blog and not at them.

So, the plan is to leave mid morning Saturday, drive the five hours to St Louis, get the packet, go to my brother-in-law's place and enjoy. I'm also thinking of driving the course, as it extends straight west from his house. Good idea or not??? I'm open to suggestions.

OK, enough drivel...I'm going to go review my list to pack once more....

Persevere. And stay tuned to this station!!

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Darrell said...

I can totally relate to everything you're saying here. It's an exciting time the week before. The cooler/cold weather will be good. Driving the course might be a good idea if there are any apprecicable hills expected. At least then you know when to be ready for them. I look forward to reading all about it. I hope it goes well for you and that you have a great time.