Saturday, April 01, 2006

One Week to Go

ORN: 8.3 miles, 1:15:52, 9:08 pace

Sometime in the late 70s, early 80s, I recall reading an article in Sports Illustrated about the then-new phenomenon of Triathalons. They interviewed one of the winners of that era and marveled at the amount of training he did in all three disciplines. He went on to say something to the effect of "I really don't like races, though. They interrupt training."

Huh?? That quote always hit me as really odd. He just loved training and to mess that up by having to actually enter an event was just too much for him.

But there is now a part of me that begins to understand, just a little, what he was getting at.

What I really enjoy about running is running. What I enjoy about long runs is the long part. And here I am, on a reasonably nice spring day, the start of April, with the birds singing and the grass growing...and all I get to do is 8 lousy miles??? What's with this "taper" stuff?? What a waste of a wonderful Saturday and only being out for an hour or so!!! Yeeeesh, you'd think I had a marathon next week or something!!!

Oh, wait, I guess I do....

I'm not to where the triathelete was. I really like races, in that I get to run with other people. But I did gain an appreciation for his thoughts.

And why, oh why, do I clutter my brain with snippets of articles from 25 years ago??? Surely there is a better use of brain cells!

Hey, the run was a good one. I was trying to hold back, then my mind would move to some other subject and I'd be down under 9/mile again. (Slow for many of you, quick for me) It gave me a lot of hope that my second goal of the year, a sub 2 hour half marathon, is achievable. That would only require a 9 09 pace for 13.1.

For now, the focus is next Sunday in St Louis. I'm making lists, checking weather forecasts daily (today it said a 60% chance of rain, temps around 50 at the start...hmmm) and I've started packing. I'm excited. Some easy runs this week, just to help the legs remember what this is all about.

Splits today:
9 15, 9 24, 9 10, 9 03, 9 14,
9 13, 9 17, 8 43, 2 28 (@ 8 14)



Darrell said...

8 lousy miles!! Funny thought. I wonder what we runners did with our Saturdays before we started running? I think my yard probably looked more well kept back then, oh well.

David said...

One of the things I really enjoy about marathons is the training. I like the structure of know what I need to run each day to make it to my goal. In someways, the race itself it just something "tacked" on to the end of the training.

Good luck in St Louis!

Running Chick said...

in case i get distracted later this week - GOOD LUCK at the marathon...and remember, SMOOTH AND STRONG. That finish line is YOURS.

(and i thought of you this weekend when i saw a newspaper article on lean manufacturing!)

Susan said...

Good luck on Sunday! You will run great!