Monday, February 20, 2012

Running Safety

She didn't see me at all.  And nearly plowed right into me while I ran a couple of mornings ago.  The closest call I've had in years this morning.

Many of us have to run in the dark to get the miles in. I've learned a few things in my years in the dark.

I don't usually worry too much about traffic coming towards me.  I can see it clearly, I wear reflective gear, year round, if I'm running in the dark and it lights up nicely.  I also don't worry too much about traffic coming from behind...I always run on the left side of the road, the reflectors light up and I also have a flashing LED clipped to the back of my belt.  I've not had close calls in these settings.

But, dark corners in a quiet neighborhood...that's a different story.  Virtually every close call I've ever had has been in this configuration.  A sleepy driver, seeing no other headlights, desperately seeking Starbucks and not expecting a runner rolls through an intersection, turns and, wham, there is a guy running.  Which means, as it did this morning, the guy has to be watching.

And ready to leap to the side.  And yell.

Run defensively.



Wes said...

yea, no kidding. always look eye!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Corners are dangerous, even in broad daylight.

David Haywood said...

I have learned the value of a head lamp. It helps me see and others see me as well.

Sarah said...

Glad you were alert!