Sunday, February 05, 2012


ORN:  12.0 miles, 2:06:52, 10:35/mile

B2B.  I always thought this was a marketing term-"Business to Business".  But I've recently learned it is also an ultrarunning training term-"Back to Back".  Taking two long runs on one weekend.

I've never done this until today but realized I needed to amp up my mileage if I'm going to survive the Kal Haven 33.5 mile run in late March.  So, this is the first of three consecutive weekends of doing B2Bs.  If I get through all three, I'll do Kal Haven...if not, I won't.

And I was amazed.

18 yesterday was enjoyable.  Did a 4/1 and just kept moving.  Today was surprisingly enjoyable.  12 more miles, just kept moving and a pace 3 sec/mile faster than yesterday.  No pain.  Felt good at the end.

So, test one of three--passed.

Now, something about a football game tonight??  For the second largest eating day in America, after Thanksgiving???!

Persevere.  Even in a pile of nacho cheese chips.


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Wes said...

LOL... I roughly estimated I ate 3700 calories yesterday. *burp*. I've read to be a good marathoner you need to double up two days a week at least. Makes sense to double down on the weekend. Michelle's hubby used to go do those monstrous back to back long runs on the weekend. Very inspirational!