Saturday, February 04, 2012

An Ambassadorial Run

ORN:  18.0 miles, 3:18:08, 10:38/mile

Today's long run route took me past a hotel which is conveniently located for refilling water bottles and use of facilities.  Walking past the lobby this morning, though, I noticed a lot of New York Giants decorations, an unusual sight here in central Indiana.  I asked and learned this hotel was full of Giants fans, happy to have a place to stay, even 60 miles from the Super Bowl site in Indy.

Heading out to resume my run, I saw two guys in Giant jackets, smoking big stogies, and so I walked over to welcome them to Indiana and our fair city.  We had a fun talk about Eli and Peyton and cornfields and their homes in New Joysee.  As I was heading off, one of them asked "So, is this Midwestern hospitality?"  Yeah, I guess so.  "Amazing...people are actually friendly."

Winning friends, one at a time!!


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