Monday, February 13, 2012

Eight Years Old

Hard to believe, but our twin grandsons are eight years old today.  What a journey it's been.  Now they are in second grade, reading and doing multiplication and generally enjoying life.

From Family-General

It is a real gift they live a mere 10 minute drive away.  Our son is midway through nursing school.  His deployments as a US Army medic have prepared him well.  His wife holds a significant teaching appointment in the manufacturing section of our local community college.  They love these two guys and their little's a true blessing to have them near and to enjoy warm relationships with all five of them.

Thanks for enjoying this with me.



Wes said...

most awesome. you make an excellent grandpa :-)

Sarah said...

That's wonderful!

Just this morning I told Bart he can never move more than a few hours away from here. If he does I may just follow him. :-)