Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Soreness and the Timing Thereof

ORN:  5.2 miles, 55:06, R/W 6/1, 10:36/mile

I've always read and experienced that the sorest day after a long run is two days hence.  A tough marathon on Saturday, most sore on Monday.  So I've been surprised over the past three weeks to see that pattern altered.

As I've done long runs on both Saturday and Sunday, I've found my sorest day to not be Tuesday but Thursday.  Three weeks in a row.  The first time, it was so sore, I just cut off the run to a mere 1.4 miles.  Last Thursday was stiff but tolerable.  This morning was kinda the same.  Creeky at first, loosened up a bit, but still sore.  All this despite the fact that my run yesterday felt fine.

Not sure what the action here is, but I note it for the worldwide physio-therapeutic community (which I KNOW breathlessly follows this blog :-) ) to comment from their collective scientific insight.




Wes said...

my guess is our old muscles are probably so sore we don't feel anything on Wednesday :-) You're welcome.

Sarah said...

I'm sore all the time, how about that for your study (of 3 so far)? :-)

Seriously, I don't think I've discovered a pattern. Surprisingly I'm sometimes not sore at all. Other times my experience is like yours and it catches up to me later in the week.

Darrell said...

Lovin' Wes's response!