Monday, February 06, 2012

Eating while Running

I mentioned a few days ago I tried a new recipe for eating during long training runs.  I found it in a biking publication and it sounded good--whole wheat, uncooked oatmeal, raisins, nuts, fructose, milk.  I whipped up a batch Friday night and tried them on both my long runs over the weekend.

The early grade?  OK, but needs tweaking.  I over-cooked them.  They were pretty dry.  I needed to cut them into quarters before tossing them in a baggie to carry with me.  But, it was nice to eat some solid food and, having made it myself, I knew what was in it.

I also carried some of my JoeGu, a recipie which I've had more experience tweaking.  That stuff works great and is very easy to carry and digest on the run.

Yet, there's something nice about "chewing food"...

Will continue to tweak this new adventure.


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Wes said...

brave man! :-)