Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a wierd Saturday!

ORN: Zero

I'm really feeling somewhat disorineted with no long run today. I looked back in my logs and this is the first Saturday since last August (when I was away umpiring a Little League baseball tournament) I haven't had a long run of at least 10 miles. So, to sit around has seemed oh so odd.

The back feels normal. My right thigh still has a bit of a twinge. I might have run today anyway, but the -5 wind chill did little to help me get out. So, I decided to give it one more day's rest and give a go tomorrow afternoon, when we should be in the upper 20s, quite acceptable for February in Indiana.

Going nuts somewhat, I actually did run a bit today. I had to park in the boondocks while on an errand to Wal-Mart this afternoon. So I ran to the store from my car. Felt good. Remakably good, blue jeans, parka and all.

It has been fun this week to watch the Olympics. I enjoy seeing other sports which only pop up every 4 years. This afternoon, NBC ran a 20 minute retrospective on the 2x10km cross-country skiing relay from the 1994 Games between Norway and Italy. A well-done piece, combing some great footage with wonderful human interest. As a runner, you have to really admire and identify with these "runners of the snow." We seldom see such Nordic coverage in the US...I'm grateful to enjoy it.

Hopefully, a good run report tomorrow.


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