Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Morning Star

ORN: 4 miles, slow pace

Wow, it turned cold again. Tough to get going out the door. I did something to my back over the weekend and it is slowly improving. But somehow a small ache extends down my right quad. So, sounding like an old man, I still got out the door...the first mile was less than a pleasure between the back, leg and cold wind in the 19 degree darkness. But it settled down, as it always does and was a nice run.

Nicest was a vivid, bright, almost shining Venus in the predawn eastern sky. Reflecting the sun still below the horizon, it just jumped out of the crisp, clear morning sky. Not many saw it, but was a reward for me.

Tomorrow is the midweek long run. 7 miles early and it is not supposed to be any warmer. We get through this week, though and the temp will improve, so they say!

And we keep on persevering.

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