Sunday, February 12, 2006

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I commented yesterday about the persistent but low-grade pain in my lower back and thigh. And Dianna commented "Dude, how about stretching?!"

Sometimes it is the obvious that we miss the most.

Di the Running Chick was right and I had missed the obvious. So I spent time today stretching both the quad and the lower back. Added to this was some ice, which I recalled from our local high school sports trainer who's mantra was "ice and stretch."

Amazingly, this evening, I feel so much better...markedly so. I've been icing while watching the Olympics (I have a secret desire to ride the luge) and the effect is very good. I'll not run tomorrow, though I will ice and stretch further. We'll see how it then goes on Tuesday.

Moral of the story: Make a comment, even an obvious one. We need each other and this is part of the joy of blogging.

And, thanks a ton Dianna!


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