Sunday, February 19, 2006

On the Road Again

ORN: 8.2 miles, 1:19:46, 9:44/mile

After seven days off, I got out and ran again today. I didn't really know how far I'd go when I set out. As I got near the four mile mark on my route, I decided to head back as the legs were starting to show the layoff. Turned out to be about right, as I got back fine and felt as if it was a good run but not too much.

My back really feels back to normal. I still have a sense of something a bit sore in my right quad, fairly deep. Yet it is absolutely no worse after the run than before. Dianna is urging me to stretch...which I'm doing...and it must be helping. I need to focus on core strength of the lower back and abdomen I'm thinking as well.

I do wonder what this will do to my marathon prep. Seven weeks from this morning I line up in St Louis for 26.2. I sense I lost a lot of momentum this week. I was set to do a 16 miler this weekend; that obviously didn't happen. I'm going to stick with the schedule, though, as this next week is a reasonable one, capped with a mere 12 miler next Saturday. The following week notches it up further, with an 18 mile run set for March 4. That will tell me a lot. I hope the message is positive.

But, hey, was it great to be out. Even though the thermometer said 25, it felt more like 15. Yet it was good to just move and be out on a sunny day. Sorted through a couple of work issues in the hour plus outside and just remembered how great it is to keep moving over a long distance.


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