Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hardly a Stellar Run

ORN: 7.1 miles, 1:13:36, 10:20/mile pace

The twitch/soreness in my right quad and lower right back was real this morning and it really showed in my times. I felt like I was running a 9 45 pace and boy was I wrong. When I got up at 5 for this mid-week long-ish run, I thought about not even going out, the pain was real. But I saw the temperature was all the way up to 29, so took the "balmy" weather opportunity and ran.

Interestingly, the back and leg loosened up as I ran. Later in the day, I started to wonder if my wallet in my right hip pocket wasn't triggering something. I shifted it to my front pocket...we'll see.

Splits today:

10 38
9 50
10 11
10 33
10 00
10 53
10 16

Yuck. Some days are like this. But the miles are in the bank and I was out there.

That's what perseverence is about.

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