Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is more like it

ORN: 5.1 miles, 47:33, 9:23/mi

After yesterday's no-move-from-bed routine, it was nice to get a really good sleep and get up and out the door by 5:30 this morning. Gee, 45 degrees at that time, a slight drizzle, dark and cloudy. And a nice run. Splits were 9 40, 9 15, 9 30, 9 18 and 9 15. Very good for me.

At one point in my route, the trail gets dark, running between a cemetery on one side and a soybean field on the other. As I turned on to this section, it struck me how dark it was with the cloud cover. Then I observed that the ambient light level was adequate for me to see far enough ahead for my own safety (note splits above...I don't have to see far at my speed :) ) .

This is often the situation God puts me in. Not a super clear vision of what lies ahead, but enough that I can see the next couple of steps. And that's all I need to keep moving.


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DawnB said...

nicely said (God and guidence)