Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just "Gittin' 'r done"

ORN: 4 miles, no watch, drizzle, wind

It was an eye-opener this weekend to note on my calendar that I'm still 12 weeks away from the St Louis Marathon. Only one race between now and then, and that's a half marathon two weeks before the big one. A long stretch of just training.

So, the runs right now are just that. Training. Logging the miles, building up the base. Tommorw, the plan notches up the key midweek run to all of 6 miles...but it is an increase. And, I remind myself, I deliberately opted out of an earlier marathon on February 12 in Birmingham simply to avoid doing the long runs in January weather, shifting it to March instead.

And isn't this what we do for much of our lives. Just getting it done. The exciting days are few, though memorable. Yet, to make them truly wonderful, the boring days, the days of the grind, the days of the routine all have to be there.

Gettin' it done.


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