Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Eat Your Veggies First

ORN: 6.1 miles, 57:17, 9:20 pace

I dunno about your mother, but most moms tell their kids to "eat your veggies." The astute kid figures out that if you do that, you can usually get dessert too.

Which hit my mind this morning as I got to the corner of Henderson and Cumberland and had a choice to make between two routes. Turning left, I was straight into the 25 mph wind. Turning right, the wind was at my back.

I turned left.

I figured that I'd really enjoy the return trip this way. Yeah, I like dessert.

And it turned out to be a good run too. I do enjoy the longer midweek runs in this ramp up to St Louis. The splits tell it all:

10 03 in mile one, as I warmed up and then turned into the wind.
8 58, as I turned north, getting a side wind and it felt like no resistance at all
9 32 back into the wind
9 30 turn around but had to stop for some cars
9 10 big wind at my
8 51 side wind or tail wind. Plus the horse was headed back to the barn.

Persevere. Dessert tastes great.

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jeanne said...

ha ha, i just wrote a whole post about "turning left"! but you said it better.