Friday, July 31, 2015

Piles o' Miles

Coming into 2015, I wrote of my goal  to go under 4 hours for the marathon.  I went after it and, boom, had an injury.  What to do??   I met up with a good local doc and got back on the road again by mid March. 

This shifted my target races from spring events to fall runs, however.  So, right now, I have three events which have timing and courses that may allow a sub-4 effort.    I've been training hard, as you can see in the chart below.  July was a solid mileage month, close to the month I had last October when I ran the 50 mile ultra.  

The plan is shaping up like this.  My first quest for the sub 4 will be in three weeks, on August 22 at the Wausau Marathon in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Hoping for a cool, dry northern Wisconsin late summer morning that day.

The second will come at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 7.  Hoping there for a not-yet-freezing late fall day.

If neither of those work, then I'll head south for the Rocket City Marathon in scenic Huntsville, Alabama on December 6.   Again, a flat course with the hope for good weather.

Right now, I'm piling on miles and following Hal Higdon's Intermediate 2 plan.  Will it work??? Dunno...but we're going to find out.



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runodonnell said...

You and I are going to be in Wausau the same time. Actually, I'm there all the time because it is where I work. I will actually be on call that weekend (otherwise I would probably be competing in one of the events). If I am not at the hospital working, I will be at the race, cheering people on. I would love to see you!