Saturday, August 01, 2015

On Beauty

Was up before dawn today to get my last long run in before the Wausau Marathon three weeks from this morning.  We've had  brutal heat and heavy humidity for the last month, so typical of late-summer Indiana.

But not this morning.  The gentle north breeze brought clear skies and low humidity.  The added treat was a fantastic full moon, a Blue Moon (the second full moon in the calendar month), floating high in the western sky as the sun gently approached the eastern horizon.

I saw more than a few people out walking or running early, many of whom I knew...the mood was festive.  "It's a beautiful day!" was the universal sentiment.

Which made me think of Harry Caray, the late, great, legendary baseball announcer. Harry always led his broadcasts with an enthusiastic "It's a BEAUTIFUL day for baseball!" (sound clip here ... so good to hear Harry's voice again!!!)

Yet, as baseball fans know, it's often NOT beautiful weather in Chicago, where Harry broadcast for many years.  But Harry was neither dumb nor clueless.  In his love for the game, any day on which you played baseball was a beautiful day.

This morning was truly a beautiful summer day by any definition.  Yet beauty is much broader than that.  The gift of health, the gift of safety, the gift of exercise, the mere ability to go outside on our own two feet and move freely....THAT is beautiful.

Any day we can run is a beautiful day.

What I think about while I run.


Today's Run:  20.0 miles, R/W 6/1, 3:16:11, 9:49/mile pace


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