Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Attention Span

Of all our limitations, our ability to pay attention, to ANYTHING, is perhaps our most striking.  And something we speak of little.  

Example:  Over the weekend, I stumbled onto some very old messages to me inside LinkedIn.  Several people had sent me serious notes asking for leads or input on key job searches.  Important matters to each of them.  

Yet, I don't look for messages on LinkedIn.  It's all I can do to pay attention to both my personal and my business email accounts plus cell phone text list.  So I missed it.  

Which tells me something.  When I want to connect with someone, I need to first ask "To what does she pay attention?"  

Because spans are limited.



1 comment:

Wes said...

yea, I don't pay much attention to linked in, either. I accept new contacts, but other then that, I rarely visit.