Thursday, July 30, 2015


In a weird way, running in an Indiana summer is a lot like running in an Indiana winter.  Stay with me here for a moment.

In both seasons, we are hit with very extreme weather; July and August, January and February.  It is so hot/humid, cold/windy; both will nearly take your breath away.  Both certainly tax one's motivation to go out the door.  Both diminish running speed.  

And both demand a shift in attitude;  rather than speed, you just get in the miles.  That's it...just get in the miles.  You can't predict much from your training times.  BUT, and it's a big but, you CAN count those miles.  And by counting the miles, you are far better off for the spring and fall races that count.  

Persevere.  Whatever the season.  


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Segun Jung said...

When I red this, I was immediately like "oh wow." This is how exactly I am feeling now in Chicago. I will take your advice! Thanks a lot for posting this.