Saturday, March 06, 2010

Video of Bum Knee Thoughts

Among other experiments today, I shot this brief video of my thoughts about my knee.  I'm experimenting with my new-to-me $25 Nikon Camera.   Let me know if this works OK on your machines.  

Keep persevering.



John said...

The video worked great, Joe!

Man, too bad the knee isn't working as well as the digital technology. Hope you see some improvement soon.

Do keep me posted.

Sarah said...

Bummer about the knee! But I think a restful taper and your 1/1 plan will see you through the LA marathon.

Enjoyed the video and also your commentary about purchasing the camera on your other blog.

P.s. My word verification word is "blister". I hope that isn't prophetic! :)

Karen said...

Joe: The video came through, but it only showed your face in pain... not the knee or the sample neoprene brace... or is it knot the nee or the knee-o-prene brace!

Funny that the word verification for Sarah was "blister." Wish mine were "better."

Take care, brother!

Darrell said...

Very timely posting of your first video on the eve of the Academy Awards. Is it too late to get our nominations in?

Darn that knee. A steep taper along with your other plans should get you through.