Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bright light, wonky knee

ORN:  2 miles, R1/W1
On a quick business trip to Florida, I got to run outside today in shorts and a T shirt in the sunshine.  That was sweet.  I also made sure I ran during daylight...the driver on the way to the hotel mentioned they saw a six foot gator coming out of the pond in front of the hotel on Monday.  Yikes.
Of more concern is a wonky left knee.  After my thoughtful run on Saturday morning, something tweaked in the knee Saturday evening.  It was very sore.  It responded to ibuprofen but was still a little tender.  Then cramming into an airplane on Tuesday and making long walks carrying luggage and briefcase down airport concourses in dress shoes made it sore again.  It felt better today (Wednesday) so I went out for an easy, short run in the "hole" between end of meetings and the obligatory business dinner.  I simply couldn't stand "wasting" a chance to run outside. 
I took it easy, with a simple 1/1 for a couple of easy miles.  The knee held up but I sure didn't push it.  With 2+ weeks to the LA Marathon, I remain a little concerned. 
And if this is the worst problem I have, I remain a very, very lucky guy.


David said...

Where were you in Florida???? Darn.

Hey, if I can PR with sub-standard training for a month prior to race day, you can afford to let up and get healty for the LA. Let taper madness begin.

Wes said...

Your knee will be fine. Gators are motivating, no? :-) We are a little too cold here in Atlanta to have gators, but they pulled a small one from Lake Lanier recently. It was quite the uproar. LOL...

Sarah said...

You have the right idea. No need to push it during the taper. Keep taking it easy and your knee should be just fine. :)

Mary Gee said...

Holy cow, or should I say Holy Gator - that would get me moving! Yikes.

Darrell said...

One of the perils of the sport. You never know when or how something might go wonky on you. I'm sure you'll take the necessary steps to be healthy in LA.

Lets hope it doesn't rain that day. I think it has rained 3 out of the last 4 weekends, but Sundays are usually nice.