Monday, March 22, 2010

Quickie Race Report: Los Angeles Marathon

ORN:   26.2 miles, R1/W1 (mostly), 5:44:30, 13:08/mile
Finished the LA Marathon yesterday.  It was my slowest marathon ever (by far).  There is much to think about following this. 
The course itself was very enjoyable.  What got me, I think, was a three-fold problem.  First, I had the left knee problem three weeks ago, which left me only running twice in the past three weeks.  Second, I came down with a head cold early in the week and was coughing and hacking extensively all week.  Third, it was a warm day in LA, temps in the mid 70s.  The transition from midwest cold to SoCal heat was a real shock. 
The good news is my left knee gave me no grief, at all.  I felt some twinges in the first half mile but made sure I was "gentle" in my form and it held up fine.
Bottom line?  Just plain slow.  And, at mile 23, the legs were done...I had to walk the last 2.5 miles, managing only the most meager "jog" the last 20 meters just for pride's sake. 
I have some surprises for my full report which I'll post later in the week. 


Wes said...

Joe, you make these look easy :-) even if it was a bit slow!

susie said...

Congratulations on finishing! So glad the knee held out...and I'm with you on the heat thing. I hate running much past 55-60. Looking forward to your detailed report.

Dr C Austin said...

Congratulations. It was fun following you with the updates sent from Honda. Glad to hear that the knee felt good, and I'm looking forward to the full report. Starting at age 60 I have very few expectations about times. Finishing was great, but all my friends who have ran all their life are sure motivated by time. Great to see you enjoyed the course. It is SoCal.

Darrell said...

What a crazy day it was. So much fun to get to hang out with you and to meet John, however briefly. I keep thinking about the day and what others have written about it and I just can't shake my own initial impressions. I better get them on paper soon.

I do think it is funny that you thought it was "warm". For us it was a perfectly acceptable running day, heck it was still overcast at the beach. ;-) Ah, well, perspective!

We both died around the same time, that proverbial wall truly does exist. I am glad to read that the knee held up. And I hope you buckle under and get to the doc for that "cold". As much as I hate to admit it, it is probably the one thing that got me through the race. I'm not sure I'd have made it without the medical intervention.

Safe travels back to the midwest. Wave as you fly over Texas.

Sarah said...

Congrats Joe! No matter how slow you still got 'er done! So glad the knee didn't give you any problems. Looking forward to the full report!