Saturday, March 06, 2010

Galloway Run/Walk Pace Calculator, v 3.1

I just posted the latest version of the spreadsheet to calculate how fast you should run in a run/walk sequence to achieve a certain per mile pace.  If you have a geeky streak like me, you like to know such things in estimating what you need to do in a long race, using run walk.

I note this is updated as blog reader Tom B downloaded the earlier version and observed it would not work if you used a walk cycle other than 1 minute.  Thanks, Tom, for catching that and correcting the Excel formula!!  

I also updated the link on the side bar.  

It is amazing to me how efficient search engines are in helping folks find this odd little tool for a very specific purpose.  Truly amazed.  



Meghan said...

I seem to only be able to download this as a pdf and that won't allow me to enter my information. Am I doing something wrong?

Joe said...


Thanks for taking a look at this!

When you click on the link you will go to my Posterous site. Just below the window on that post, there is the small word "Download". Click on that and you will get the chance to open or save the Excel spreadsheet.

If you have problems with this, feel free to send me a note and I'll just email you the file.