Saturday, August 12, 2006

What a difference 20 degrees makes

ORN: 18.2 miles, 2:57:19, 9:44/mile

Got home from Cincinnati late Friday night and drug myself out of bed to do the scheduled 18 this morning. A real treat to see a 59 degree reading on the thermometer; what a break. Weather makes such a difference, despite what we would hope.

The run went well and was fairly unremarkable. The humidity was way down and, with the cooler weather, I was able to shake down for the first time my new Brooks Nightlite shirt which I'll probably wear in Portland. Knees were a little shaky at first, but that cleared up. Right calf felt tight at mile 15 but that loosened. I wore my Garmin and had a general intention to run around a 9:40 pace but didn't really worry much about it or pay too much attention. I just ran. Splits looked like:

9 52, 9 17, 9 36, 9 29, 9 52.
9 18, 9 32, 9 39, 9 05, 9 36.
10 05, 9 36, 9 46, 10 26*, 9 40.
10 15, 9 58**, 10 11, 1 56 (@ 9 35 pace).

Mile 10 and 11 were a loop past about 6 Purdue dorms, where the early wave of college kids were moving in. I smiled and waved at a few parents moving Junior or Princess into the dorm...equal parts relief and anxiety on most faces. I can relate. I will say, though, that the tunes pumping out of the dorms by the welcome committees made for a nice portion of the run.

* notes a slow mile while I walked to talk with long-time friends Dick and Marilyn, whom I also saw during last Saturday's run. This couple are both over 80 and are very active. Their Saturday morning routine is to walk the city trail system I use, plastic bags in hand, picking up litter. They get outside, get exercise, quietly serve the public and make the community look just a little better. I've known them for over 25 years now and I hope Gretchen and I can grow up and be like them.

** notes me getting completely off my route and pace as I ran past the start of a local HS Cross Country meet. I actually made a wrong turn...which never happens...but it was fun watching all the kids getting set for their first race of the season. I did not note any of them being distracted by this old guy slogging by.

I ended feeling good. With an 8 miler set for tomorrow, I'll end the week with 44 miles, my most ever. Next week is a step-back week, including a half marathon next Saturday in Parkersburg, WV. Why Parkersburg?? My sister lives there and that's the first requirement of any race for I have a relative living nearby??!!



Darrell said...

Nicely done 18 miles. Good for you.

Funny about your friends picking up litter that other people aren't considerate enough to do for themselves. On my Friday morning 6 mile loop from home I was noticing all the trash along the streets and thought I should go back out sometime and pick some of it up. Now I'm even more inspired to do so.

Have fun in Parkersburg. My Dad's family came from there and places like Grass Run. We visited my great uncle as a kid and remember dirt roads littered with coal, a house on a hill with no indoor plumbing and a party line phone. That was at least 35 years ago, I assume Parkersburg is a little more civilized now.

susie said...

44 miles? Good for you!
Thanks for the baseball advice, Joe. It almost worked, but I didn't quite get it all out before I started laughing at myself. It provided good fun for us, though. Too bad the Nats lost :(