Monday, August 14, 2006

Not Exactly the Perfect Runner's Diet

ORN: Sunday; 8 miles, no watch, "sweet and tasty" not

Sometime last summer, I read about a minor league baseball team which dreamed up a promotional stunt of the ultimate Junk Food: A Krispy Creme Cheeseburger. To make this lovely concoction, they sliced a KK doughnut sideways to make a "bun". Flipping the "bun" over, flat side out, they then seared the doughnut and put the burger between. Yummy.

Well, always on the lookout for interesting food items, I mentioned this to my friend Jess, the one I ran the Hog Jog 10K with in June. Jess was fascinated, told a friend of his about it and they decided this would be the ultimate tailgate delicacy. They made some last spring and pronounced them "perfect."

Jess' son then heard about this and requested them for a cookout at their house on Sunday afternoon. Jess gladly obliged and even told me about it ahead of time. To my surprise, the doorbell rang about 2pm on Sunday and there, smiling, was my buddy Jess who made one just for me. He did the ball club one better, as he added bacon to the recipe. He even delivered it warm.

So what could I do? Even though I already had lunch, I chowed it down. I have to tell you, it was pretty tasty. Much like a regular burger, but with a sweet, almost tangy flavor. The combination of bacon, cheese, burgers and doughnut was really something. You just kind of had to not think about just what the fat content was.

So, to do some penance later in the afternoon, I went out and got in 8 miles before supper (like I really needed to eat anything further). It was around 85 but the run felt good, especially considering the 18 I had done on Saturday. While the run felt good, my stomach reminded me regularly of what I had done to it just a couple of hours earlier.

Face it, this is just pure excess. And, having had one, I think I'm set for life. I do hope you don't read this right before a meal, as it might put you off any food altogether. Better for you to learn from me than do it yourself.

Do be careful, though, if you see any of these at tailgates this fall.

Bacon or not.


Running Chick said...

I will probably regret this later..but I think my husband needs to see's all of his favorite foods.

George said...

Joe, I have a stomach ache just thinking about it. At least it was not a chocolate frosted Krispy Creme!

I hope I feel okay by lunch!

Darrell said...

Thanks for saving us all from having to try it. At first I thought it sounded gross, but the mroe I thought about it... Burgers are my fav and I can pass up almost any donut except the Krispy Kreme. Now you've got me thinking, LOL. You could have lied and said it was awful!