Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mid-Week Distance

ORN: 8.3 miles, no watch, mist, then drizzle, then rain

Boy, I'm glad to be back to doing more distance. Out early this morning for the mid week long-ish run. First couple of miles felt wobbly, the effects still there from long runs over the weekend. I've learned to just keep going. The legs settled, the twinges went away, the run was nice.

Seldom do we get rain early in the morning in the Indiana summer...most rain comes in afternoon thunderstorms. So, this morning's light rain was a surprise. After all the heat, it felt good.

Heading out tomorrow for an impromptu family get-together with my three sisters in Cincinnati. None of us live in Cincinnati but it worked out that way. With spouses, we'll be eight chatty people. Hope to get my 5 miler in tomorrow, plus some geocaching with those willing. Back home Friday night, anticipating an 18 miler Saturday.


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Darrell said...

I did my 8 on Thursday evening, no watch, rain? no such luck.

The little reunion sounds like a great time. I've heard about this geocaching thing from another blogger. I looked around the internet and apparently there is something at the park thats within walking distance of my home, but I've never gone to see whats there. So far I haven't spent the tme to figure out the whole concept, but it seems to be going pretty strong. I'd love to hear how it goes.