Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bits and Pieces from Parkersburg Half Marathon Road Trip

ORN: 4.78 miles, 46:37, 9:45/mile

Several further comments from the road trip last weekend.

Oxymoron? Somewhere in east Indiana along I-70, I came to a bridge across a small stream. The sign said "Nameless Creek."

Continuing Fine Cuisine Another odd food habit of mine when I head south or east is eating at Waffle House. If you've traveled in the southeastern US at all, you recognize the ubiquitous, tiny, roadside cafes at (seemingly) every interstate junction. My family is not so impressed with WH, but since I'm by myself, I ate there twice. Can't beat those waffles....

Best Country Music Title Youngest son Matt has a real love for country music and has triggered some interest on my part. Scanning the dial in SE Ohio, I came to a country station playing a song "Bubba Shot the Jukebox." A sad tale, indeed. Bubba's woman left him and as he drowned his sorrows at the bar, someone played "their" song. He couldn't take it.
Bubba went to his truck and grabbed his .45

The sheriff ruled it justifiable homicide.
Great stuff, ya'll.

Now, to today's run.

I'm in Chicago on business. Had some time off on Saturday afternoon, so got out in the 80+ temps and 90+% humidity and wanted to do 5. My, some nice places here in suburban Bloomingdale.

The right foot sent some pain signals just before I finished, and so I cut it off, knowing I still need to do 20 miles this weekend. That will probably happen early Monday morning and will be a good test.

And I sure am glad I don't have to persevere through Chicago traffic every day.

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