Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's All Downhill from Colorado, Right??

ORN: 5 miles, light drizzle, cool, good pace.

After a day off, I was pleased to have a nice 5 miler this morning. Took a mile or so to figure out how I was feeling. I then just opened it up for the rest of the run. It felt really good and I was encouraged that I could do that after the tough 20 miler on Monday. I'll do 8 on Thursday morning.

Then, life gets a bit interesting.

My oldest son, David, the Army medic, is deploying to Iraq in early October. He, his wife and three kids are currently stationed in Colorado Springs. Susan and the kids want to live here in Lafayette, Indiana during the deployment where she has the support of family, friends and church. Soooooooo.

On Friday morning, I fly at 6am from Indy, getting to Colorado Springs around noon. David and Susan and Army pals will have a big U-Haul truck packed by then. They will put the three kids and a dog and themselves into their minivan and head east. I'll give them all a hug and hop in the truck and do likewise. They will drive straight through. I'll stop once or twice and get here by Sunday afternoon.

At which point we then unload the truck and set them up in a house.


I'll post on Labor Day and let you know how it goes.


PS. I messed something up on Blogger and the side bars are waaaaaay down on the page. Sorry, I have no clue what happened.


Darrell said...

Joe, drive carefully and have a safe trip. Sounds like quite the adventure.

I'll be keeping David in my prayers. We all owe families like yours a big Thank You!

George said...

Drive safe, that is a long and boring drive - I used to know every gas station and restruant in Kansas on I-70. Don't stop at the worlds largest prarie dog village in Oakly, not worth it!!

I'll keep you and your son in prayer!!

robtherunner said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe trip like Darrell said. We'll have to talk before Portland and you can let me know what your plans are. Maybe we can hook up at the expo and have lunch the day before, or something like that. It would be great to meet you. Good luck with your training.