Sunday, March 04, 2012

Unexpected Benefit

ORN:  5.3 miles, 1:01:34, 11:37/mile, R/W 4/1

Of necessity, I modified my training regimen a few weeks ago to include back-to-back long runs on the weekend.  It's worked well, as my mileage has amped up in preparation for 54K in three weeks time.

This weekend called for 24 on Saturday and 5 today.  Yesterday's run was no picnic, what with a bitter wind and snow flurries.  And it just kinda hurt at the end.  Today's 5 hurt right Achillies tendon was tight and, as the run went on, my left ITB was sore.  And it was still cold and blustery.

And I learned.

The run proved good practice on how to make progress when you are not feeling well.  Like what could well happen in three weeks.  How to adjust pace, gait, run/walk interval, mindset to keep it going.  As I worked through the adjustments, the run got better.

And I smiled.  I didn't anticipate the training change to affect my mind as well.

Enjoy your week.  And persevere.



Wes said...

much like Ironman, ultra running is all about pushing past the pain. Your training is going well.

Sarah said...

Sometimes I think the training is more mental than physical. Nice work! You're ready for your 54k!