Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hay is in the Barn

ORN: 5.3 miles

This morning's run was the last before Saturday's Kal Haven Trail Run.  The 33.5 mile race in Michigan woods is one I'm looking forward to.  Last year was a push to get through the last 3 miles.  I've amped training up quite a bit this year and plan to run more slowly early on (at a 3/1 run/walk ratio) and see just how long I can carry that pace.  Weather will be markedly different from last years 16F at the start...we're looking at temps in the mid50s to low 70s on Saturday.  I'll post short results on FB and a longer report will follow eventually.

Posting here has been a bit slim as I'm also Race Director for the Circular Logic Marathon hosted by our local running club on March 31.  It has been a hoot!  We needed 30 marathoners to make it a go...I was privately hoping for 50 people to sign up to run 26 one-mile loops in one of our nice city parks.  As of today, we have 74 marathoners and 12 marathon relay teams using almost 70 people.  A way better response than we had dreamed.  So, I'm doing all the RD stuff...awards, water, emails by the basket-full, t shirt printing.  This will generate a different type of race report...look for it the following week.

And in the midst of it all, this morning's run brought small pleasures.  A bunch of small rabbits running around along the trail.  A coyote crossing the trail later.  A huge blue-green shooting star across the northern darkness.  And I is a joy to be outdoors early and regularly.



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