Saturday, March 03, 2012


ORN:  24.3 miles, 4:34:52, R/W 4/1, 11:19/mile

One of the seemingly inevitable but always surprising mental exercises of long runs for me surrounds food.  Specifically, planning out just what I want to eat when I get done.  I really annoyed buddy Darrell, I recall, around mile 21 of the Memphis Marathon a few years ago when I started planning lunch destinations.  Given today's run was 4 1/2 hours long and my stomach started sending queries to my brain around an hour into it, I had plenty of time to settle both the food and delivery.

Today, it had to be pancakes.  And a big stack.  At a local diner called Route 66.

Here they are.  This place has a great recipe and did not disappoint.

The run??

This was the last really long run ahead of the KalHaven 33.5 mile trail race in 3 weeks.  I needed it to go OK.  The weather didn't help...after the wicked band of weather which hit the Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday, a blast of cold air came in.  So I was out in 33F temps with a stiff 20mph wind out of the west and light snow flurries for the entire run.  Yuck.  Some long runs are pure joy; some you do just because you need to get it done.  Today was the latter.

But get it done we did...and a big plate of fluffy pancakes was a suitable reward.



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Wes said...

very nice. I decided to visit Waffle House after my cold and windy 10 miles yesterday. Of course, I dedicated my Fiesta omelet to you :-)