Sunday, December 30, 2018

Boston Training 2019: Week 3 of 18, Dec 24-30

Week Three of Hansons training, heading to Boston.  And I took the biggest liberty I'll take with Hanson's plan.

Here was the plan for the week:

Hanson's Plan for Week 3

The weather was amazingly mild this week...I ran on Christmas Day and on December 27 in shorts.  Amazing.   4 miles on each day, at paces better than called for.   I'm wondering if I'm doing them too quickly.   By the same token, I'm not yet fully into the full teeth of the program, where I'll really need to back off and give the legs a break. 

I did two runs during the week, 4.3 miles @ 9:32 on Christmas Day and another 4.1 miles on a rainy Thursday @ 9:38/mile.   Then I really crashed the plan by running a 50K trail race on Saturday.   No way that's on Hanson's plan but I like this race so much and have run it now 8 years in a row.   So, crashola. 

The day after the 50K, I ran with my grandson for 3 miles at a 12 minute pace.  Legs were a little stiff but zero pain.   

So, week 3 is in the books.   And no races, only training now until late March. 



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