Sunday, December 23, 2018

Boston Training 2019: Week 2 of 18, Dec 17-23

So we move now into Week Two.   Not much different from Week One, really, except five running days, not four.    The plan from the Hanson's looked like this:

I only made one switch from the plan, running Wednesday and taking Thursday off, since I had a 7am meeting at work on Thursday. 

My actual runs/pace were:

Tuesday:  3.2 miles @ 10:13
Wednesday:  3.2 miles @ 10:25
Friday: 3.1 miles @ 9:59
Saturday:  3.1 hill miles at Happy Hollow Park @ 11:12; then 3.2 miles with my grandson
Sunday:  4.3 miles @ 9:29

I was pleased.  And I full well know this is the easy part of the training program.   Our weather has been unusually mild as well...I ran in shorts on Friday, for example. 

A challenge for me, as we approach Christmas, is ignoring the Onslaught Of Carbs.   Cookies, cakes, nuts and snacks are everywhere.   Candy doesn't do too much to me but breads, cheeses, crackers...yeow, those do me in. 

Week Three holds a 50K trail race...defintely NOT in the Hanson's plan.   But I'm going to do it, keeping up a streak at this race which I truly enjoy.


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