Sunday, December 09, 2018

Boston Marathon 2019 Training--Overview

The Boston Marathon is a race like no other.   So, I'm going to begin a weekly series of posts about my training for the race.   You might enjoy the journey; mostly I'd like to keep a diary of the effort.   Read along with me.

The effort will be unique, in that I'm going to implement a full, formal, 18 week training plan.   I've chosen to use The Hanson's Marathon Method.   This is a widely respected plan which is very carefully planned to build to a good performance.    The unique part of the plan, which appeals to me, is a targeted pace for each run.   The pace is calculated from the top end by the targeted marathon time (for me, four hours) and the bottom end by a typical mile pace for 5K (for me, 7:50/mile).

The training period begins on Monday, December 10.   And there are a lot of long runs, hard runs, interval runs, easy runs through the Indiana will it go??   I'll keep track of it here.   I'll try to publish each Sunday evening, as that's the end of the training week.

I'll share each week's plan and the actual results every Sunday evening, as well as my thoughts and reactions to the plan.   It'll be up and down, I can anticipate.   And I'm looking forward to the journey.

Persevere.   That's my theme this winter.


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