Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where did July go?

ORN: 9 miles, with 6 x 1 mile intervals @ 8:31

The month of July has dissipated and I'm in a bit of a tizz over it's departure. We were in Bermuda for the first week of the month. Upon our return, I plunged into the annual process of umpiring numerous Little League Baseball tournaments. The effect was that I've been umpiring for 12 of the 15 evenings since we returned. To say the least, this leaves blogging long in the dust, along with most everything else besides work and communicating the barest of essentials with my wife and family.

It all tied up on Friday evening, when I was at first base for the Indiana state final game. The game went well, a crisp, 3-1 affair in which the umpires were invisible and the winner was clearly the best team. Here's our umpiring crew; I'm the third from the left.

The late nights have clearly affected the preparation for the fall marathons. I don't think it is insurmountable, however. I've simply lost some miles and at least one 15+ mile training run that got cut short. Replanning the schedule, I did mile repeats today which went well. Next Saturday will see a 22 mile effort.

I've added one more race as well. On the Saturday before Labor Day, I'll be running a 30K race in Michigan as a shake down for the Chicago Marathon set for October 10. I'm also looking at another marathon in December; the date will depend on some work events. It is possible, however, I'll run Rocket City again.

Nice to have some sanity back. The regularity of running and the discipline of training is central for my own perseverance.



Sarah said...

With your experience, I'm sure it won't take long to get your training back on track!

Wes said...

JOE! You don't look like an umpire. You need to eat more, or drink more beer :-D