Friday, July 02, 2010

Chicago Cycle Starts, Bermuda Beckons

ORN:  18.5 miles, 3:24:46, 11:05/mile, R3/W1

Now, all is in order...the training cycle for the Chicago Marathon is in synch.  Due to hitting some company targets last winter, we shut the place down today, Friday, making a four-day weekend for all.  Talk about a morale booster...that one really worked.  

So, I went running on a Friday, not a Saturday.  The run went well...temps in the mid 50s at the start, the low 70s at the end.  Felt really good through 16, the last 2.5 were a bit of a struggle.  I attribute that do doing 16 miles last Saturday as well.  

And tomorrow, Saturday, my lovely wife and I head for a week in Bermuda to celebrate our recently observed 35th wedding anniversary!!  Never been there before, sure looking forward to it.  We rented a small cottage for the week and, thanks to Google Maps, I found a super place to run while I'm there...about a half mile from our place is a 4+ mile path right along the ocean.  A far cry from Indiana running, for sure.

Perseverance works for a good long marriage.  I have much for which to be thankful.



Wes said...

50 degrees?!? You gottabekidding... :-) Happy anniversary!!

David said...

Seriously? 50 degrees. Send me some.
Bermuda? Seriously? Take me there.

Color me jealous.

Sarah said...

I'm jealous! Happy Anniversary! :)