Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great week in Bermuda

We got home around midnight Saturday from a terrific week in Bermuda. Relaxing, great conversation, saw some wonderful things while we were there. Bermuda is quite a unique place, a fascinating combination of British, American, Caribbean and a touch of African cultures that defies description. The people were contagiously friendly and polite...we were quite taken by the place.

If you'd like to see some of our photos, here's what I uploaded.

Run? Yeah, I got to run. The roads are very narrow, tight and twisty, so I was pleased to find the Bermuda Railway Trail available not far from where we stayed. I did all my running there and shot a video one day...enjoy.

It was a great way to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary. While we were there, we decided another 35 would be a fine idea.

Persevere. It makes for both good running and a good marriage.



Wes said...

Congratulations, you two!! Don't keep me in suspense! Whatdyagetme? Hmmmm? :-)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate. :)