Wednesday, December 05, 2007

From Snow to Sunshine

ORN: 3 Miles, all run`

Today's last run before the marathon came in our first snowfall of the season. 2 inches on the ground, 3 more coming, so we are told. It is so neat to run in the snow, early in the morning. Much of the fun is imagining what the drivers of the few cars out before 6am are thinking about the crazy man running in the snow.

The weather for the marathon looks to be quite different from what I ran in this morning. Probably in the low 50s at the start and could be close to 70 by the end. Hydration becomes a bigger issue. I have so many shirts packed, it is silly. I guess that is half the fun.

Off to Des Moines later today, on to Huntsville on Friday. Stay tuned for reports.



Wes said...

Have a safe trip down, Joe! It's going to be Rock-in weather :-)

Backofpack said...

Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!

Have fun and enjoy it all. I'll be looking for all the reports.

David said...

Have a safe trip and I'll see you in the Rocket City!

Sarah said...

Best of luck to you! : )

Darrell said...

Quite the whirlwind tour.

I think I remember snow!! I can't believe how the forcast for Huntsville has changed the last couple of weeks.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Good luck and be safe.

Most importantly---enjoy!