Sunday, July 16, 2006

Physician, Heal Thyself

ORN: Saturday: 11.5 miles, 2:03:10, 10:43/mi
Sunday: 7.0 miles, 1:06:29, 9:29/mi

Early last week, our local running club sent out an email in response to a request by our local newspaper asking for runners to volunteer to be interviewed about running in summer heat and humidity. Being a chatty guy, I responded, got a call from a sports writer on Thursday, and the article showed up in the Saturday sports section, viewable

In this hard-hitting and deeply insightful article, we hit the controversial topics like running in the cool of the day, hydrating well and wearing wicking fabrics. One other thing I mentioned to the reporter which didn’t make the article was lowering distance and speed expectations in the heat.

Which brings me to my title.

I got out for a planned 14 mile run a little later than expected on Saturday morning. It was around 75 when I headed out the door at 8:30am, fresh from seeing my name in print. The first four miles went well, at around 9:25. And then the heat got tough. The next four miles averaged 10:20. Will I make the full 14, I wondered, or will I heed my own advice? After all, at 5pm, I was assigned to umpire home plate for a district final baseball game. How deep to I go into the reserves?

My body made any further decision easy..the tank moved to empty and I simply had to walk some. Miles 9-12 came in around 12:00/mile, as I was walking a good portion of the time. No amount of fluids or Gu would help. I cut short the route and the Garmin said 11.5 was the day’s total. A good thing, too…when I walked in the door, the temperature was at 94.

My baseball game went OK, though it was blistering as well. Over 100 at the plate when it started and let’s just say the high temperatures did little to create a happy and forgiving mood amongst the fans. The best team won, though, and I was not assaulted when I exited the field.

So, this morning, I further heeded my advice and was out the door for a 7 miler at 6:30am at a frosty 74 degrees. The first three miles came in at 9:05, and the next two only slowed to 9:30. The last two showed some struggle, hitting at 9:55. Yet, I made the total goal of a sub 9:30 pace.

This is the hottest weather we’ve had for four will pass. And we’ll persevere.


susie said...

Great article! And good for you for being smart. I am trying to do the same.

Darrell said...

Very nice to make the papers and not on the obit page! :-) Great advice, too. You may see an increase in readership with that publicity. I know a whole lot of people that will be happier when this heat wave finally moves on.

Susan said...

my sister moved this weekend - she's officially in lafayette.

Great article!