Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

ORN: 4 miles, no watch, soaking wet

Up at 5:15am, 78 degrees, pitch black. Ugh. Out the door, in rediculous humidity. But off I went. Decided to go on Route B rather than my preferred Route A, just to vary things. Half a mile in, I noticed a street light flicker. No biggie. A little later, I saw a lightning strike. Gee, was that what the flicker was?

Another lightning flash. Two seconds later, the thunder hit me. Whoa, that's close. I was nearing the one mile mark, decided I should turn around and head back home.

Another flash. I wasn't even into the "wa" of "One..." when the thunder hit. Yep, just a block away from me. So close that I heard the sizzle of the water being vaporized by the zap. Way too close. But I was heading home anyway. About 30 seconds later the rain started. Then a downpour. My cap kept it out of my eyes but I was quickly soaked. But I was headed home.

In the six minutes or so that it took me to get home, the cloudburst had passed. The storm was quickly moving to the east and the temperature was even dropping. I got to my mailbox, pulled out the towel to clean my glasses. I took off my shirt, wrung it out and decided to two two more miles on Route A, now that it was clear. Squishy socks or not, off I went and it was nice.

I don't recommend running in lightning...but it sure turned an otherwise boring short run into a little more excitement.

What do people from Mississippi think about their state being used just as a timing chant??

Persevere. Even if you are from Mississippi.

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Darrell said...

Way to roll with the weather. Have a great week.