Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rain, Pain, Pictures from Spain

ORN: Sunday: 14 miles,
Tuesday: 3.8 miles,
Thursday: 4 miles

We’ve had a huge low pressure center parked over the Midwest for a week. Some of the greyest, dreariest weather most can remember, with drizzle almost constantly. This, coupled with a very busy work schedule, a wedding to attend and Gretchen being out of town for a week has complicated the schedule quite a bit.

My first long run after the Indy Mini was intended to go 14 miles. The first 12 went very well, I clicked them off at 9:19/mile on the Garmin, considerably quicker than my normal long run pace. Then my left ITB flared up and I gimped home the last 2 miles.

Tuesday morning’s run seemed fine, then had a right ankle pain that slowed me to a walk. Gimped home again.

This morning was pain-free but physically and mentally flat. Really weird, in fact…just plain flat and uninspired. Legs were flat, mind was flat. As colorless and featureless as the leaden grey skies we’ve had for over a week.

All of this is another good lesson from running.

I achieved two major running goals in a matter of four weeks. This involved considerable physical and mental effort. So why should I be surprised at a let down?

I can relax. It will come back. The basic disciplines, physical, mental, spiritual, remain. Pay attention to form in running, form in life. It will come back.

Pictures from Spain? Well, nothing from Spain, I just got carried away trying to have a clever title to this post. But I do have
photos from the Indy Mini. I’m in the Army shirt, which I wore to honor my son SGT David Ely. There are also some cool aerial shots of 30,000 runners.



Running Chick said...

Rest, recover and keep that tremendous attitude. =)

Darrell said...

The pics are great. I like the one with the river at the top. It sure looks like it was a beautiful day. I also like the one with all the little ant-people going around the track. Not having seen it in person, I got a perspective on just how big the place is. Your finish line shots are classic: head down, right hand reaching over the the left wrist to stop the watch. Thank goodness for race bib numbers, huh!
I'm predicting this little trough will be shortlived.