Wednesday, May 10, 2006


ORN: Tuesday: 5 miles, no watch, solid pace
Wednesday: 4.6 miles, with 9x400m intervals @ 1:54 each

Intervals are probably my least favorite form of training. And they have always helped me. So, I keep them in the mix.

The good news is that I have my own private running track to do them on. Well, not exactly my own, but I am the only person who does intervals on it. A nearby subdivision has a water-retention pond with a nice wide, paved path around it that hooks up to the walking trail I run on daily. I discovered a couple years ago that this path around the lake is EXACTLY 500 meters in length. I measured it with both a bike odometer and two Garmins...and it is 500 m, +/- 2 m. So, I carefully put a small dot of spray paint along the edge of the path every 100 m around it. Thus, I can do any interval length I want and, by counting the dots, do it whenever I want.

I've often wondered if the neighbors shake their head at this guy going fast, going slow, going fast again on their path. But, it is public and at least I'll be good for some entertainment.

Still enjoying the memories of the half marathon Saturday. But that fades and the next one will be here on June 4.


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Darrell said...

Very nice that you have your own track. I'm envious. Last week I shared the track with at least couple dozen people, mostly walkers. I am afraid I's loose count of the dots though. June used to be a ways off, now it'll be here before you know it. Enjoy the training.