Saturday, May 22, 2010

Return of Humidity

ORN:  17.5 miles, 5/1 R/W, 3:07:06, 10:42/mile

After a week of rainy weather, it was no surprise to awake to muggy conditions this morning.  It felt a lot like July often feels here in Indiana, with the air hanging heavy, unable to suspend another molecule of water in its saturated state.  

Unlike July, though, the temperature was in the low 60s, not the mid 70s.  So, the planned 17 mile run went well, even if quite sweaty.  I was pleased I was able to hold a 5/1 run/walk ratio throoughout.  The Garmin told me the 31 run segments were at a 10:06 pace...just at my target. 

The legs feel as if they've pretty much recovered from the Illinois Marathon three weeks ago.  Now, I'm looking forward to the Sunburst Half Marathon two weeks from this morning.  This is the last long run before that jaunt and I'm encouraged. 




Darrell said...

Humidity? What's that?

Sarah said...

Great run!

Last weekend was warmish and humid here. Now we're calling it Mayvember...cold and rainy! :(

Wes said...

It HAS been rather sticky here lately. Stoooopid humidity. I need to pick a run walk target for my long run today... Thanks for the reminder :-)

David said...

If any of you run short of humidity, I can put some in a bag and send it your way.
I'd be happy with temps in the 60s, no matter what the humidity.
Good luck next weekend on the shorty half.