Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Race Report: WRRC Summer 5K Series- May

ORN:  morning; 4.9 miles, 5/1 R/W
           evening:  5K race, 26:12, 8:22/mile

It is a rare event for me to do two workouts in one day but sometimes the calendar works that way.  I did my usual 5 mile run early this morning but the late afternoon opened up for a treat.

My running club, the Wabash River Running Club, has offered a no-frills 5K race series for the last couple of summers on the third Wednesday of each month.  Last summer I had some other commitment on each and every third Wednesday from May to October.  Wow.  So, when my evening opened up for tonight, I determined to at least get one of these in during 2010.

And, oh so convenient!!  I got home from work around 5:40pm, changed and then jogged the 3/4 mile from my front door to the starting line at a park, near our weekly Farmer's Market.  A perfect warm up.  The race is free to club members, all of $2 for the public with a maximum of $5 for a family.  A simple out and back course, past the Market, around some softball fields, around our new community garden, around a pond, past some woods...all off of city streets.  And a beautiful, sunny evening at 68 degrees.  About 45 people showed up, including three of my work colleagues.

Off we went, right on time at 6:30pm.  I set my Garmin to pace me at 8:45 miles, in preparation for the half marathon I'm running on June 5.  Turned out to be hard to run that slowly.  The three miles ticked off at 8:25, 8:30, 8:21 and then 0:57 for the dash to the end (a 6:48 pace).  I was quite pleased do to this, 2.5 weeks post marathon.  

After a brief chat with a few folks, a quick drink of water, I jogged home, changed shirts and sat down to grilled dill/yogurt marinated chicken kabobs at 7:15pm with my lovely wife, as the afternoon sun streamed in.  

Does it get much better??  




Wes said...

Does it get much better??

no. and doood, you can walk to the Farmer's Market? Hmph! {stamps foot}

Darrell said...

Poor Wes, I feel bad for him.

The summer race series sounds like fun. Will this be your one and only chance to take part this summer?

Sarah said...

Those low-key races are the best. Nice run!