Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Winter Delight

ORN:  4 miles, R4/W1
Every couple of years a rare event pops up.  A full moon on fresh snow during an early morning run.  Today was such a day.  We had about an inch overnight, followed by clearning skies.  As I walked out to run at 5:30am, the bluish light of the moon was somehow even "bluer" as it reflected off the oh-so fresh snow. 
Perhaps it isn't so rare...I just looked and I wrote about pretty much the same thing just last March.  Hey, it is still a cool visual event.
The unusual light did nothing, however, to soften the impact of the cold.  The 14F temp wasn't all that bad but the sharp wind from the northwest was biting.  Glad to have the LA Marathon on March 21 as a motivator.
Persevere.  In any light. 


Wes said...

If it only happens once a year, its still a treat :-)

Darrell said...

14 degrees and WINDY! I don't know, I think I'd have to have something more than the streets of LA beckoning me to get out in that.

Glad you enjoyed the visual effects.

Sarah said...

Sounds beautiful! I think once a year is still rare. : )

Wind! I can take pretty much anything else but I dread going out in the wind.

IronWaddler said...

It's been awesome with the full moon. For some reason, the full moon is more beautiful in the cold. Brings warmth to the heart.