Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A DNS for first race of the year

ORN:  zip, nada

Well, my anticipated first run of the year at the Windburn Six in the Stix is not going to happen.  I woke up at 3am on Tuesday with some monster pain stemming from some muscle spasms in my right shoulder.  Got to the "Doc in the Box" when they opened at 8am and got a prescription for some major steroids to hammer the inflammation.  But the doc, finding out I am a runner, asked me to take it easy for a week to let the drugs do their thing.  Coupled with a large snowstorm with lake effect snows of 8-9" between here and Chicago on Friday, it seemed not wise to run six hours on Saturday.  This was a simple "Fat Ass" style race... a simple email to the RD let him know I wouldn't be there and we're all fine.  

The drugs do seem to be working, though I don't like the buzz they seem to bring along.  Starting tomorrow, the dose rate starts to taper.  But it did provide a useful story for my professional it here, if you are interested in topics of quality and process excellence.  

Hey, that's the way it goes...more trail races will await.  



Backofpack said...

Ah Joe, that's a bummer! What caused it, any idea? Sounds like the snow might have knocked you out anyway. Hope all is better soon and you are back at it, feeling good!

Sarah said...

Sorry about the race. I hope your shoulder is feeling better soon!