Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Time

ORN: 5.1 miles, R6/W1, 49:12

Back to regular running after taking a full week off. All systems felt "GO" on the easy 8 miler last Saturday. This morning was the first cold run of the late fall; the seasons have changed. I'm set, though, looking forward to Memphis on December 6. Much more to come on that.

Here are some photos for you. First, you can find our photos from Italy here.

And you can find pix from my marathon in Indianapolis on October 18 here. The smiling photos at the end are very genuine.



Darrell said...

Hey there, Happy Birthday. You snuck that one right on by us.

Italy looks beautiful. Now Lisa wants to go even more.

The marathon pix are funny to see how you went from long sleeves to short, and from cap to visor. One of those last three are keepers.

Sarah said...

I love all the thumbs up! :) Running a marathon with a smile on your face is beyond compare.

Wes said...

Wow! They really loaded you up on pics, didn't they? well done!!

David said...

With your trusty clothing-weather matrix you'll be fine.

Mary Gee said...


Backofpack said...

Italy looks like a wonderful, beautiful place. Great pictures!