Saturday, March 08, 2008

Planning the Rest of 2008

ORN: Rest Day

Sat down last weekend with my trusty running calendar, training schedules and started noodling on races for the rest of the year. Amazingly, much alignment led to some cool plans.

The spring is looking nice. Though Indiana is hardly the cynosure of running, we have this year five, count ‘em, five half marathons in a span of 9 weeks in the Hoosier State. All within a short drive for me. And I’m entering them all.

I’ve listed them in the side bar. Sam Costa, The Mini, and Sunburst have been around for a while and I’ve run them each at least twice now. The Mini in Indy is the nation’s largest half marathon and is the Super Bowl of Indiana running for the year, with 35,000 people trying to do 13.1.

However, the Indiana University HM and the Geist HM are new. The IU HM used to run in the fall, but now flipped to the sping, running through the Indiana University campus. The Geist is hoping to pick up the folks who did not get registered for the Mini; it is two weeks after and about 15 miles North of The Mini site.

The Sunburst race now will be a family event, as my nephew is flying in from San Diego to run it with me. We have many Notre Dame connections in the family; it will be fun and emotional, I’m sure.

If I was a real glutton for punishment, I could do 7 HMs in the same 9 weeks, as I could swim the Ohio River to run in Louisville on April 26 and then slide to Cincinnatti for a HM on May4, making a double weekend. As I planned, I toyed with the idea of doing a HM and Marathon back to back in 2009 on that weekend...but that's too far out for the moment.

Then, the rest of 2008 races fell into place, as I start to build distance after 5 HMs in the spring.

On July 5, I do a new thing; a 6-Hour Trail Race in southern Indiana. Have no idea how that will go in the heat, but I thought long and hard about it a year ago; this year, it is on the calendar.

Three marathons occupy the fall. I’ll go to Dayton, Ohio for the United States Air Force Marathon on September 20. The Indianapolis Marathon a fall bargain, an hour from home, on October 18. Then, Darrell and I will meet up for our 3rd annual Early December Blogging Runner Meet-Up Marathon (that’s the 3AEDBRMUM for short), this year in Memphis for the St. Jude Marathon on December 6. Join us!! We had a blast in Huntsville last year and in Bloomington, Indiana in 2006. We’d love to have a group!

With the races set, I penciled in all my long runs for the year. It may vary somewhat…but, amazingly, it fits. I’m excited and just need to keep myself healthy.

For me, planning is half the fun…so I guess I’m half way there already.

And plans help me persevere.


crossn81 said...

Awesome! Sounds like a great spring plan. That will definitely get you motivated each day!

I've heard good things about how the Geist should be - did you look in to the new Indy marathon this fall I think its the Indianapolis Monument Marathon or something like that.

david said...

I may have to consider Memphis.

Sarah said...

Yes, planning is a lot of the fun! So when are you coming back for the Portland marathon, huh? : ) Or the Timberline Marathon in Sept is another good local (sort of) trail marathon.

Darrell said...

Very interesting that we got to this planning post at nearly the same time- great minds! Planning is definitely part of the fun.

The half marathon challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I'd be really tempted to add in the other 2, but then again I don't always make the wisest choices.

I've considered the Air Force Marathon before. A couple of the Cruisers ran it last year, but I'm holding out for the Cleveland Marathon. It's closer to my family and hopefully they'd be able to meet me at several spots along the way.

Love the acryonym for Memphis.

Wes said...

Great plans! You'll be a half marathoning fool (versus being a full fool :-) I'm planning on being in Memphis this year. We'll have to see if I want to marathon or not that close to IM Florida. I'm thinking... SO :-)

David said...

Spring must be here if everybody is mapping out the year's race plans. I have to finish mine. Chicago is the next marathon. There's lots to fill in between now and then. I wish I could say I am a candidate for Memphis but the timing is wrong for my job. RBF without me.

Backofpack said...

Wow, what a fun year! I'm glad your injuries are past and you are up for this. Have a blast!

WADDLER26.2 said...

I am sad that we will not meet up at Indy but it looks like we will both be at the USAF at Dayton. You will love the course and support. I am actually looking for a fall marathon- ? Indy or Columbus. Great plan.

robtherunner said...

Those are awesome plans, Joe! I love it when things seem to fit together as your schedule did. Look forward to see how it all pans out.