Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Snowfall

ORN: 6.5 miles total; 5K time trial, 24:49, 8:02/mile

The schedule called for speed work this weekend, a 5K time trial at 25 minutes. We had no local races this weekend, so I did it by myself this afternoon.

After a 1.5 mile warm-up, I reset the Garmin “Training Assistant” for the target distance and time and took off. I was pleased to hold a consistent pace, with mile splits of 7:57, 8:03, 7:59 and 0:51(at 7:44 pace). I was surprised to discover myself running in snow; during mile one, it opened up and the white stuff was pelting me pretty hard. Easter doesn’t necessarily mean spring in Indiana. I was disappointed with my form; I felt like I was wearing clown shoes during the second half of the run. My clodhopper motion-control shoes felt very heavy and clunky at the (very fast for me) 8:00 minute pace. Jed Clampett might have liked the form but most Kenyans would have averted their eyes. I did a gentle run back home and was pleased overall, since there are no style points in running.

The highpoint of the day came earlier, though, as our grandkids had spent the night. My wife, The Very Creative Grandma, set up an inside Easter egg hunt for the 4 year old twins first thing this morning. She hid the eggs, they searched, I took photos. Then the twins had an alternate idea; they would hide the eggs and she would find them. It was hilarious; as she started to look, each of them would direct her to the eggs each had hidden. “No, Grandma, over here!” and the excitement was palpable. The boys illustrated something beautifully human about needing to be found.

Miss B is 21 months old now and didn’t really get the whole egg hunt deal. But she didn’t need to; she and I just read books and enjoyed the morning. And face it, three little kids in fuzzy PJ’s is enough in and of itself.

We got the kids dressed for church and enjoyed a wonderful Easter together with the larger family later in the day. Easter is a marvelous day to remember what Christ did for the human race. I hope you had some opportunities for quiet reflection today.

Persevere, whether in clodhoppers or fuzzy PJ’s.


Backofpack said...

That sounds like a wonderful Easter morning - grandkids in fuzzy pajamas - it can't get any better!

Wes said...

What a great lookin bunch. Are you SURE you're related? ;-)

Glad you had a great EASTER!!!!

Sarah said...

That Miss B is the cutest thing ever! : ) Sounds like a fun Easter morning.

And oh yeah, nice job on the 5k.

John said...

Glad you had a good Easter! Great to see the pics too. The subscription seemed to work, by the way.

David said...

The speed work was commendable. Imagine without the clodhoppers!>?!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Great looking set of grandkids. Sounds like a fun day.

I can relate to the clodhoppers. It never ceases to amaze me how one day my running form seems easy and fluid and the very next day (or several days) it seems like I'm stompin' bugs for 6 miles. Good split times, nonetheless.

Darrell said...

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

I can hardly believe that its still snowing at Easter. That would have added a fun little spin on the outdoor Easter Egg hunt.